Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ulver , Shadows of the Sun, 2007

 01. Eos
02. All The Love
03. Like Music
04. Vigil
05. Shadows Of The Sun
06. Let The Children Go
07. Solitude
08. Funebrae
09. What Happened?

 Timelessly beautiful, envelop yourself in a few few hours of meaningful silence in appreciation of the ebb and flow of solitude, darkness, joy and sorrow. 

If "Shadows Of The Sun" could be considered an exercise in mourning, then "Funebre" would definitely represent the actual funeral. The second half of the track features a lengthy piano solo, in which the 'classical composition' techniques are particularly evident, while the theramin returns to give the song an otherworldly distance to it. Finally, "What Happened?" (an appropriately titled song, as I will explain in a minute), begins with uneasy 'industrialesque' noises humming in the background, while the last piano melody slowly hangs over your head like a death sentence. A bell begins tolling shortly before two minutes. However, the Oslo String Session Quartet quickly moves in and delivers their most moving moment in the album, a fitting end for the album.

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