Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jacqueline Taieb, Complete Masterworks of French Mademoiselle, 2004

 Label : Rca

Jacqueline Taieb was born in Tunisia but raised in France. As a very young teen in the mid 60's, she recorded singles during the ultra-cool YeYe scene. Her biggest hit was "7 Hueres du Matin" which she also recorded in English as "7:00 AM". Garage Rock fans enjoy her because of the edgy use of guitar on this song and her hip cultural references to Paul McCartney, Elvis, Little Richard, and The Who. Here's a tribute I made homaging her, as well as Mod clothing designer Mary Quant and the Swinging London era.   

The above information was taken off Blue Beat in My Soul

This album was one of the very first French, YeYe albums to thrust me wide-eyed into the beautiful, imaginary and yet so real Mod world. Not only is Jacqueline truly one of France's 1960's leading ladies of Ye Ye, she has been widely copied elsewhere in French spheres up until the present day, but also covered by other artists alike as well as appreciators of 60s French pop. Such artists include French model - turned singer Mareva Galanter.
01. 7 Heures Du Matin
02. Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts
03. La 1ère À Gauche
04. La Fac De Lettres
05. Bientot Tu L'oublieras
06. Juste Un Peu D'amour
07. Bienvenue Au Pays
08. Le Printemps A Paris
09. Maman Jusqu'ou Tu M'aimes
10. La Plus Belle Chanson
11. Petite Fille D'amour
12. On Roule À 160
13. Ce Soir Je M'en Vais
14. Bravo
15. 7am

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