Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Areola Treat - "Radio On" Video Released

The Areola Treat, the noise/art garage band from Malta, have just released their first video ever in years - Radio On! With a new ep by the same name to be released soon, and a forthcoming new album, the band seem to be going strong. I will be posting more from them once the Radio On ep is out.

Here is the video for y'all to enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Adverts, Crossing The Read Sea With The Adverts, 1978

The Adverts were an English punk rock band who formed in 1976 and broke up in 1979. They are mainly remembered for their singles “One Chord Wonders” and “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”. “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” reached the UK top 20 in August 1977.

This was  The Adverts' 1978 d├ębut album, which featured the UK hit single “No Time To Be 21” which made number 38 in the hit parade in February 1978. It was recorded at Abbey Road and produced by John Leckie. Their first gig was to support Generation X, on January 15, 1977 at The Roxy in London; their last was at Slough College on October 27, 1979. When the Adverts finally split up, T.V. Smith continued with Tim Cross forming as TV Smith's Explorers, then Cheap, and finally through the 1990s to date performing as a solo artist.

Despite having released some more well-regarded singles, the Adverts were not able to maintain the momentum and their career stalled after the release of their second album. The band members at the time were also threatened with lawsuits by former members Rod Latter and Howard Pickup, who objected to the band continuing to use the Adverts name without them. They split up shortly after the accidental death by electrocution of their manager, Michael Dempsey. Their last gig was at Slough College on 27 October 1979. After the band split up, T.V. Smith continued with Tim Cross as T.V. Smith's Explorers, then Cheap, and finally from the 1990s to date performing as a solo artist.

The Adverts’ guitarist Howard Pickup (Howard Boak, Born 1951) died in 1997 of a brain tumor.

 In regards to their legacy, critic and author Dave Thompson argues that "nobody would make music like the Adverts and nobody ever has. In terms of lyric, delivery, commitment and courage, they were, and they remain, the finest British group of the late 1970s". This one illustrates the historical transition between punk and post punk in my opinion.


  1. One Chord Wonders
  2. Bored Teenagers
  3. New Church
  4. On The Roof
  5. New Boys
  6. Bombsite Boy
  7. No Time To Be 21
  8. Safety In Numbers
  9. Drowning Men
  10. On Wheels
  11. Great British Mistake

Monday, July 30, 2012

Robert Fripp, God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners, 1980

This is an electronic/ambient production by English guitarist, composer and record producer, Robert Fripp. Among rock guitarists, Fripp is a master of crosspicking, a technique often associated with the banjo. His compositions often feature unusual time signatures, which have been influenced by classical and folk traditions. His innovations have included Frippertronics, following collaboration with  Brian Eno.

In the same way that Fripp's 1979 Exposure LP relates explicitly to his work with Peter Gabriel (on his 2nd eponymous, vastly underrated, solo album) & Daryll Hall, so God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners engages with his subsequent, heady period of career defining experimentation with Bowie (Heroes / Scary Monsters & Super Creeps) & Talking Heads (Fear Of Music).

Released by EG in 1980, God Save The Queen is, as it's complete title implies, an album of 2 distinct halves. Instrumental throughout, excepting David Byrne's pseudonymous cameo (as Absalm El Habib) on "Under Heavy Manners", side 1 solely employs the Frippertonics process as it's template, adapting it somewhat on side 2 for what Fripp craftily labelled "discotronics", i.e. posthumously combining his treated guitar loops with a studio-based rhythm section. The bedrock material for the entire album was recorded live in concert in 1979, with Buster Jones & Paul Duskin (bass & drums respectively) adding their contributions later. Though he'd already established The League Of Gentlemen as a touring unit by this point, Fripp clearly intended the LP to be recognised as a solo project &, not wanting to suggest a thematic connection with Eno's collateral ambient work, the album's original title, Music For Sports, was amended at the last minute.

Rather alarmingly for an artist of Fripp's stature, God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners has never been reissued (on CD or otherwise) so you'll need to scour eBay for an original copy.
A lovely album you will enjoy.

Robert Fripp - (1980) God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners

Studio Album, released in 1980.

Track Listings

"God Save the Queen":
1. Red Two Scorer (6:54)
2. God Save The Queen (9:50)
3. 1983 (13:20)

"Under Heavy Manners":
4. Under Heavy Manners (5:14)
5. The Zero Of The Signifed (12:38)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Strawberry Switchblade, Self-Titled , 1985


 I'm always in search of new, compelling muaic from times past, as well as the present. I'm taking you back in time however, and to the eightees to be precise. There was no better time for pop than then. Pop Goth and New Wave were at their peak and I am well-known to be a fan of great female vocals. I don't really mind that little teeny bit of cheesy 80's pop if it's done well, and it's intention is to be...cheesy!

Strawberry Switchblade was a new wave duo band from Glasgow, Scotland UK in 1981. Rose McDowall later become associated with the industrial scene and contribute to projects such as Coil, Current 93, Death in June, Nature and Organisation, Nurse With Wound, Psychic TV, Boyd Rice. Jill Bryson and McDowall bonded  in the Glasgow punk scene of the late 70s. 

Since Yesterday, became a top 10 hit in the UK ,  and a huge success in Europe  as well as Japan . The track's opening fanfare came from Sibelius' Symphony No.5 and had also featured on the earlier hit "Beach Baby" by The First Class. The girls' strikingly contrasting black and white wardrobe, including the polka dot rah-rah skirts worn for the sleeve of Since Yesterday, attracted some coverage at the time. Their somewhat "Gothic" appearance was part of their ensemble and was particular to their personal demeanor. In my very personal opinion, you can tell there was a partnership with Boyd Rice and Friends. And they've a high similarity to artists such as Lene Lovich, Danielle Dax, Altered images, X-Mal Deutschland, The Wake and Dolly Mixture. If you're into the likes of the previously mentioned, this album would make a welcome addition to your music library!

1. Since Yesterday
2. Deep Water
3. Another Day
4. Little River
5. James Orr Street
6. Let Her Go
7. Knows What Love Is?
8. Go Away
9. Secrets
10. Who Knows What Love Is?
11. Being Cold
12. Beautiful End
13. Poor Hearts
14. Ecstacy (Apple Of My Eye)
15. Jolene
16. Black Taxi
17. Trees And Flowers (Extended Mix)
18. Michael Who Walks By Night
19. Since Yesterday (Extended Mix)
20. I Can Feel


Self Titled-

Enjoy this rare pop album!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Areola Treat, Pleasure Machines, 2011

As readers of my posts are well aware, I have documented this band several times on my blog posts, just because I believe them to be a good experimental art rock band, and deserve credit for their writing, drumming and vocal skills (their live performances are mind-blowing). As you also know, I had been wowed away after seeing them live in a Brussels punk club. I often visit their web pages and browse for pictures and info of the band. I am also aware that many of you out there, the world over, have got to know about the band through my little blog, and others through other music blogs or discussion threads, however I have purchased their album online (plus a few extra copies for friends) and am posting Pleasure Machines for your enjoyment.

One of the most striking features about the album, is the versatility of this band.  Whereas the  ep was all about the beats and the punchy lines, Pleasure Machines seems  slightly more directional and structured. At some points, you can't really tell where it is going, so it will surprise you. Yet most often, the songs are a good trip. The fun element is still quite predominant and their new work is much more thorough. It is versatile in a clever, yet not in a subtle way, which is something not all listeners can relate to, as some of my readers prefer a more or less consistent mood throughout, so as I said, it's not for everyone, however, if you are enamored of Nina Hagen and Diamanda Galas, you will appreciate the various vocal styles offered. The music remains playful yet strict, and once again the command on the vocal chords is splendid. The drummer is another very pivotal element in their music style as a whole. Very structured delivery in most tracks, quite intense I would say. I usually believe the bass in many bands I listen to are what  make a good artpunk/post punk/indie band and don't usually focus on the drumming skills, however, the drummer Chris is what gives this band a backbone, with his amazing technique . Most of the tracks on this album are still as memorable, adding a touch of finesse at times (the yelps and cat-howls still being present). The frontwoman (Lisa) who seems the designated writer in the band, seems to have a vast range of  (top-notch) musical influences and taste  and I do have a thing for vocals that double as effect peddals! Pretty great stuff on the whole. Always remember, as with all of my other posts in my blog, if you like it, go ahead and buy it!, (or blog about it and share the good word).

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the band's exact whereabouts this year, except for this Summer, they have been and will be playing in various different local clubs in Europe in Malta, where they hail from.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Areola Treat's Pleasure Machines now on CD Baby

Follow the link to CD Baby: The Areola Treat | Pleasure Machines | CD Baby

 The Areola Treat's new album is now available for download on CD Baby. I've been on about this band ever since having seen them in a live performance in belgium a while ago. The drummer and vocalist had quite an impact on me, and I kept following them on Last FM and created a few blogs reviewing them myself. The frontwoman herself has a charm about her and the drummer's punding is quite simply astounding.

CD Baby Indipendent Artist Reviews: This week, 'Pleasure Machines', the new, self-released album from The Areola Treat. Read, listen and buy!

The Areola Treat are an indie/sludge/art punk band, formed in Malta in 2006. Inspired by UK-based, late 1970s punk and rock and roll, besides the burgeoning punk and post punk revival, The Areola Treat are arguably a definitive art punk ensemble, mostly due to their detailed tightness, blood-curdling female screeching, growling vocals and punchy guitars in the first few years of the band being formed, and more recently with their somewhat more political stance and echoes of psychedelia and post rock. Their first self-entitled studio ep, The Areola Treat was released in 2008 under Belgian label Kinky Star. The band's first self-released studio album 'Pleasure Machines', was released in April 2011. 

The Areola Treat will be performing in Malta, Europe, at Voice Of A Generation, in Ball Street, Paceville on the 27th August.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two Lone Swordsmen, The Fifth Mission (Return To The Flightpath Estate), 1996

Label: Emissions Audio Output
Styles: Ambient Techno, IDM

Andrew Weatherall's first post-Sabres outing (together with Keith Tenniswood) is a truly beguiling cachet of alternately moody and unexpectedly funky down- and mid-tempo electro. Miles more complex and integrated than such future-funk wibblers as the Clear Records stable, Fifth Mission is often as tear-jerkingly emotional as it is goofball lino material; machine music imbued with more than a bit of humanity. Uniformly excellent.
- Sean Cooper (Allmusic Guide)
Source: (

The Two Lone Swordsmen are British house DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall and studio engineer Keith Tenniswood. They had formed in early 1996, following the dissolution of Weatherall's influential Sabres of Paradise techno act, and since then have indulged themselves in styles ranging from electro and 4/4 techno to post punk and downtempo breakbeat. Emissions Audio Output, was the first label they had worked with, and was run by Weatherall. However, the small nature of the operation limited the duo's success, which caused them to look elsewhere and they subsequently signed to Warp Records, making them labelmates with acts such as Autechre and Boards of Canada, as well as setting up the Rotters Golf Club label for their more dancefloor-friendly output under various other guises.

In 2004 they released From the Double Gone Chapel, exhibiting more of a late 1970s dub and post punk sound than their previous work, influenced heavily by groups like PiL. It was released with the single Sex Beat, a cover of the popular Gun Club song. Their latest album, Wrong Meeting, was released in April 2007, with Wrong Meeting II following a month after. Set solidly in the dub rock vein they explored on From the Double Gone Chapel, the duo venture into sleezy country and LCD Soundsystem-style punk funk disco.


01. Little Did We Know
02. The Best of Stealth
03. A Slow Drive West
04. Big Man Original
05. Spark
06. Lino Square
07. Search for a Car
08. Glenn Street Assault Squad
09. Gang Sweep Shuffling
10. The King Mob File
11. Enemy Haze
12. Beacon Block
13. Two Barb Quickstep
14. Switch It
15. Rico's Helly
16. The Backstair Rattlers
17. Paisley Dark
18. Extended Branch Brothers


Part Two:
Part Three:


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