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John Maus , Songs, 2006


Don't Be A Body | Just Wait Til Next Year
UTR003 | CD | 16 tracks, 54 mins | 20 Mar 2006 | Buy

'Songs' is Maus' debut, his life work, which was written and recorded at home over the course of five years. It's a twisted baroque pop record that brings to mind early 80's hits and coming-of-age movie soundtracks. Almost entirely electronic, the Maus sound is created from synthesisers, drum machine, bass and his remarkable vocals, which are pitched somewhere between Ian Curtis, Calvin Johnson and David Bowie
The record is a manic lo-fi masterpiece, which blurs addictive melodies, emotive lyrics and dreamy soundscapes to memorable effect. Permeated by feelings of intense nostalgia, with this album Maus has created a testimony to lost romance and to longing. These combine in such a way to make the listener feel as through they have stumbled across a lost classic. Ambitious in his musical and thematic scope, Maus touches upon timeless subjects such as the conflict between the mind and body, unrequited love, death and eternity.

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“We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves” (due April 2011)
Maus is undoubtedly an artist one would admire and any musician aspire to be. Besides having worked on is music project for years, Maus teaches at The University of Hawaii and went to Cal Arts.  he’s worked with Panda Bear and Ariel Pink and has garnered tons of respect from both of them and the DIY music community at large.  He releases his own stuff via Upset The Rhythm.  Below is one track off his upcoming release and some old ones:

mp3s ::
JOHN MAUS - ‘And The Rain’ (new single)

JOHN MAUS - ‘Do Your Best’
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JOHN MAUS - ‘My Whole World Is Coming Apart’
JOHN MAUS - ‘Don’t Be A Body’
JOHN MAUS - ‘Just Wait ‘Til Next Year’
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