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John Maus, We Must Become The Pitiless censors Of Ourselves, 2011

FREE mp3 available NOW for "Quantum Leap":

John Maus - Quantum Leap (Upset The Rhythm / Ribbon Music)

We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves track listing:
01. Streetlight
02. Quantum Leap
03. ...And The Rain
04. Hey Moon
05. Keep Pushing On
06. The Crucifix
07. Head for the Country
08. Cop Killer
09. Matter of Fact
10. We Can Breakthrough
11. Believer

Love is Real by John Maus was an understated gem from 2007, which reflected his love for gloomy lo-fi pop with a distinctly melancholy hue to it. It’s taken four years, but Maus finally has a follow-up record ready bearing the excellent title We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves.

The album will be released on the Ribbon Music label, which is a subsidiary of Domino, on June 28, and it’s being previewed by the track “Quantum Leap,” which you can hear in the Sound cloud clip below. Check out the full track listing below the audio file—can’t wait to hear the song “Cop Killer.” 
JOHN MAUS lives in his birthplace of Austin, Minnesota. Whilst working towards his PhD in Political Science he also composes music that taps into melancholic fantasy and affirms that we are all truly alive. Questing synthesisers, tensely strung bass lines and chasing drum machines providing the perfect backdrop for John's deeply resonant reverb-drenched vocal. Born in the decade of synth pop and sharing his birthday with George Frideric Handel, John started making music when Nirvana posters went up on every teenager’s wall. It’s this curious conflux of influences that partially helps to describe John’s music. It’s a world where the Germs jam with Jerry Goldsmith, Cabaret Voltaire relocate to Eternia and Josquin des Prez writes a new score for RoboCop. The confrontation of punk, the fleeting poignancy of 80’s movie soundtracks, the insistent pulse of Moroder and the spirituality of Medieval and Baroque music all find salvation in John Maus.

John Maus’ debut album proper entitled ‘Songs’ was released in 2006. It was a record permeated with aching memories; a perfect testimony to lost romance and longing. It’s awe-inspired follow-up ‘Love Is Real’ (released on UTR, 2007) proved a more cohesive listen in terms of focus and emotional depth. Maus finally returned last year to the heavy snows of the Midwest to finish album number three, ‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves’, set for release this June.
This is the artwork for free track Quantum Leap which also appears on iTunes.

‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves’ breaks new ground for Maus. The shirt pulling and air punching of his impassioned live performance is finally captured in all its frenzied appeal alongside a tender inner space. ‘Pitiless Censors’ looks towards the future in all its absurdity. It’s a record where promise takes the lead for the first time, providing a counterpoint to John’s default existential calling. This is perhaps best shown with new track ‘Quantum Leap’ available through the link above and via iTunes as of now. ‘Quantum Leap’, a song full of dead zones, glancing slaps and oscillating solos. “Heart to heart, mind to mind, we are the ones who seem to travel through time,” intones Maus resolutely through the mist. John’s lyrics are as likely to touch upon themes of Cronenberg gore just as much as the musings of Jacques Rancière. It’s this no-brow approach that makes things interesting, casting Maus as a savant and allowing his music to startle us in ways whereby we open up to the unimaginable.

If that's wet your interest here's a list of John's impending live performances too at SXSW and throughout darkest Europe.

Check out info on this album and John Maus' LIVE Schedule:

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