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Two Lone Swordsmen, The Fifth Mission (Return To The Flightpath Estate), 1996

Label: Emissions Audio Output
Styles: Ambient Techno, IDM

Andrew Weatherall's first post-Sabres outing (together with Keith Tenniswood) is a truly beguiling cachet of alternately moody and unexpectedly funky down- and mid-tempo electro. Miles more complex and integrated than such future-funk wibblers as the Clear Records stable, Fifth Mission is often as tear-jerkingly emotional as it is goofball lino material; machine music imbued with more than a bit of humanity. Uniformly excellent.
- Sean Cooper (Allmusic Guide)
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The Two Lone Swordsmen are British house DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall and studio engineer Keith Tenniswood. They had formed in early 1996, following the dissolution of Weatherall's influential Sabres of Paradise techno act, and since then have indulged themselves in styles ranging from electro and 4/4 techno to post punk and downtempo breakbeat. Emissions Audio Output, was the first label they had worked with, and was run by Weatherall. However, the small nature of the operation limited the duo's success, which caused them to look elsewhere and they subsequently signed to Warp Records, making them labelmates with acts such as Autechre and Boards of Canada, as well as setting up the Rotters Golf Club label for their more dancefloor-friendly output under various other guises.

In 2004 they released From the Double Gone Chapel, exhibiting more of a late 1970s dub and post punk sound than their previous work, influenced heavily by groups like PiL. It was released with the single Sex Beat, a cover of the popular Gun Club song. Their latest album, Wrong Meeting, was released in April 2007, with Wrong Meeting II following a month after. Set solidly in the dub rock vein they explored on From the Double Gone Chapel, the duo venture into sleezy country and LCD Soundsystem-style punk funk disco.


01. Little Did We Know
02. The Best of Stealth
03. A Slow Drive West
04. Big Man Original
05. Spark
06. Lino Square
07. Search for a Car
08. Glenn Street Assault Squad
09. Gang Sweep Shuffling
10. The King Mob File
11. Enemy Haze
12. Beacon Block
13. Two Barb Quickstep
14. Switch It
15. Rico's Helly
16. The Backstair Rattlers
17. Paisley Dark
18. Extended Branch Brothers


Part Two:
Part Three:


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