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Heldon IV, Agneta Nilsson, 1976

Heldon is a French electronic rock band created in 1974. The name of the band was taken from the 1972 novel The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad. This is the studio album, released in 1976.

Like its predecessor Schizo, it is above all the group of guitarist Richard Pinhas who released a large number of albums under his own name.
He has worked with numerous collaborators, including musicians of the band Magma as well as philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze (of whom he was a student) and writers such as Norman Spinrad and Maurice Dantec (the Schizotrope project).
Influenced by the work of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, the music of Richard Pinhas and Heldon is sui generis and innovative and has in its turn greatly influenced the field of electronic rock.
The first releases under the moniker Schizo and later Heldon were entirely self produced and self distributed.
 Source: Wikipedia

 Line-up / Musicians
- Richard Pinhas / Mellotron, 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar, synthesizers (1-3,5)
- Michel Ettori / guitars, composition (4)
- Alain Bellaiche / bass (5)
- Gérard Prevost / bass (4)
- Patrick Gauthier / Minimoog (5)
- Philibert Rossi / Mellotron (1)
- Coco Roussel / drums, percussion (2,5)

Releases information
LP Disjuncta-Urus-00011 / LP Aural Explorer-AE 5001 / CD Spalax-14227-Fra / CD Cuneiform-Rune 60-Wor

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1. Perspective I (où commence le nihilisme actif) (10:26)
2. Perspective II (3:13)
3. Perspective III (Baader Meinhof Blues) (10:48)
4. Bassong (2:59)
5. Perspective IV: (21:45)
i Perspective IV (7:07)
ii Virgin Sweedish Blues (7:28)
iii Psylocybine (8:34)

Total Time: 50:24


Part 1 | Part 2


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