Monday, February 14, 2011

The Areola Treat , EP , 2008

I saw The Areola Treat live in a club in Brussels and was drawn to the vocalist right away (hah!). The whole band is good, and the drums and vocal work was art. Rare to find a female-led post punk band I actually care for these days.

The Areola Treat are a Maltese rock band, formed in Malta in 2007 by original band line-up Adrian Mizzi on guitars, Chris Busuttil on drums Lisa M.Grimaud on vocals, and Matthew Cuschieri, until the addition of Steve Shaw on bass in late 2010. Below is some relevant band info.

Inspired by UK-based, late 1970s post punk, punk and rock and roll, besides the burgeoning punk and post punk revival, The Areola Treat are arguably a definitive art punk or punk ensmble, mostly due to their richly detailed tightness in sound, their screaming and growling female vocals and punchy guitars in the first few years of the band being formed, and more recently with their punchy, yet somewhat more subtle and
situationalist political stance.

Their first self-entitled studio ep, The Areola Treat, was published in 2008 and met with enthusiasm, under the Belgian label Kinky Star.

The band has played in a handful of independent artists' clubs and venues, primarily in Italy and Belgium besides their home country.

The band's first studio album 'Pleasure Machines', to be released in April 2011, is a reflection of pathways the band has travelled down and alleys it has progressed through, both musically and physically, and a hint of a slightly noticeable change in direction and drive. The guitars are still loud and the riffs are still punchy, yet there is something strikingly different about the shape it's taken. Some tracks are moodier, perhaps slighly more sombre and harsher on the ears than the previously-recorded ep, while others are vibrant and bright, the guitars appearing richer and even more piercing and shaken.

The band is currently working on new material as well as playing gigs and shows. The new direction is once again darker, moodier, stripped down in parts and then enriched dramatically in bursts of energy and enhanced walls of sound.


1. 16
2. Sibbi
3. Kerouac
4. Booby Trap
5. BLV Werewolf
6. Disco party
7. Second Coming

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