Friday, September 23, 2011

Strawberry Switchblade, Self-Titled , 1985


 I'm always in search of new, compelling muaic from times past, as well as the present. I'm taking you back in time however, and to the eightees to be precise. There was no better time for pop than then. Pop Goth and New Wave were at their peak and I am well-known to be a fan of great female vocals. I don't really mind that little teeny bit of cheesy 80's pop if it's done well, and it's intention is to be...cheesy!

Strawberry Switchblade was a new wave duo band from Glasgow, Scotland UK in 1981. Rose McDowall later become associated with the industrial scene and contribute to projects such as Coil, Current 93, Death in June, Nature and Organisation, Nurse With Wound, Psychic TV, Boyd Rice. Jill Bryson and McDowall bonded  in the Glasgow punk scene of the late 70s. 

Since Yesterday, became a top 10 hit in the UK ,  and a huge success in Europe  as well as Japan . The track's opening fanfare came from Sibelius' Symphony No.5 and had also featured on the earlier hit "Beach Baby" by The First Class. The girls' strikingly contrasting black and white wardrobe, including the polka dot rah-rah skirts worn for the sleeve of Since Yesterday, attracted some coverage at the time. Their somewhat "Gothic" appearance was part of their ensemble and was particular to their personal demeanor. In my very personal opinion, you can tell there was a partnership with Boyd Rice and Friends. And they've a high similarity to artists such as Lene Lovich, Danielle Dax, Altered images, X-Mal Deutschland, The Wake and Dolly Mixture. If you're into the likes of the previously mentioned, this album would make a welcome addition to your music library!

1. Since Yesterday
2. Deep Water
3. Another Day
4. Little River
5. James Orr Street
6. Let Her Go
7. Knows What Love Is?
8. Go Away
9. Secrets
10. Who Knows What Love Is?
11. Being Cold
12. Beautiful End
13. Poor Hearts
14. Ecstacy (Apple Of My Eye)
15. Jolene
16. Black Taxi
17. Trees And Flowers (Extended Mix)
18. Michael Who Walks By Night
19. Since Yesterday (Extended Mix)
20. I Can Feel


Self Titled-

Enjoy this rare pop album!

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